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This too shall pass-Letter to the editor

As a new resident to Polk County I want to say thank you to all who have been so warm in welcoming us to this ... Read more

Why I feel compelled to glean and gather-Letter to the editor

On this rainy Monday morning, and thanks to a local farmer’s generosity, I was out gleaning blueberries. There I was, joined by a few intrepid ... Read more

Play Ball! But not till after we sing the National Anthem- Letter to the editor

In a column I wrote years ago, I reported that the Star-Spangled Banner had been our National Anthem only during my lifetime, having been voted ... Read more

Letter to the Editor

Somebody I Love Wears Blue Somebody I love wears blue; He’s clothed in honor and devotes his life to protect me and you. Read more

Standing with law enforcement-Letter to the editor

This is a love letter to all of our law enforcement officers. It is with a grateful heart that I want to thank you for ... Read more

Thank you Benny!-Letter to the Editor

Please count me in among those many residents of Polk County who welcome the opportunity to recognize Benny Smith as one of the finest contributors ... Read more

Land of the Free?-Letter to the Editor

The other day Pamela and I were driving along, and it occurred to me that since this is the Land of the Free, and I ... Read more

Thank you for the June issue

Today I picked up a copy of the June issue of your Life in Our Foothills magazine. I want to thank you for the cover ... Read more

Do they know who they are?

Some days I wonder if morons know if they are morons. Read more

It’s too soon folks

I realize this virus has split us. It seems that about half the people think the economy will destroy more lives than the virus will, ... Read more

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