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Do they know who they are?

Some days I wonder if morons know if they are morons. Read more

It’s too soon folks

I realize this virus has split us. It seems that about half the people think the economy will destroy more lives than the virus will, ... Read more

What is an inch of rain?  

One inch of rain, like a billion dollars, is hard to comprehend. We hear it all the time in weather reports, but it is hard ... Read more

Being a “good-old” boy

Fascist, homophobe, traitor, infidel, gun lobbyist, useless old man, reactionary, xenophobe, right-wing, cop-loving extremist, borderline sociopath, militant and racist. Hang in there! You must still ... Read more


I have noticed that when in a debate, those who speak the longest and the loudest, usually have the least to say. I suppose these ... Read more

Old age reveals underlying character

In December, the deciduous leaves have mostly fallen. Winds have helped to release the “hangers-on.” Now it is as though you have new eyes to ... Read more

Littering is a disgrace to our beautiful home

This is an open letter to Polk County citizens, town managers and commissioners. Over the years, many of us have picked up trash on our ... Read more

A few more questions about the upcoming revaluation

I agree with the concerns expressed by previous letters to the editor regarding the proposed $332,000 revaluation contract award to Wampler-Eanes, and would like to ... Read more

The new me

I used to think I was just a regular guy, but I was born white, which now, whether I like it or now, makes me ... Read more

In the heart of the community

For all the years that I have been fostering dogs and cats and volunteering with the Foothills Humane Society, I believed the folks in our ... Read more

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