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Tryon approves budget

New budget for 2020-2021 includes no tax increase

TRYON—The Town of Tryon recently approved its budget for fiscal year 2020-2012, which began on July 1.

The town unanimously approved the budget, which included no tax increases for property or fire taxes and a slight increase in water rates in January 2021 to pay for the town’s capital improvement plan.

The town expects to receive a total of $4,285,019 in general fund revenues.

The town’s budget includes $52,014 for government; $462,948 for administration; $678,761 for police; $303,877 for streets; $4,400 for parks and the cemetery; $16,000 for zoning; $65,000 in Powell Bill funding; $503,500 for the fire department; $253,000 for Harmon Field; $31,558 for tourism; $455,361 for the water distribution; $457,874 for water treatment; $236,911 for the sewer plant; $191,636 for water/sewer collections; $333,370 for the water/sewer debt service and $238,810 for sanitation.

The total budget includes $1,518,000 in the general fund; $65,000 in the Powell Bill fund, which is an annual state allocation to maintain streets and sidewalks; $503,500 in the fire department; $253,000 for Harmon Field (no tax increases this year); $31,558 in tourism; $1,675,152 in water and sewer and $238,810 in sanitation.

The total budget is for $4,285,019 in both revenue and expenditures.

The water and sewer fund makes up 39.09 percent of the budget, followed by the general fund at 35.43 percent of the budget; the fire department at 11.75 percent of the budget; Harmon Field at 5.9 percent; sanitation at 5.57 percent; the Powell Bill at 1.52 percent and tourism at 0.74 percent.