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Public offices reopened

County tax and tag office opened Tuesday


COLUMBUS—The Polk County Tax and Tag Office is one of a few public offices who are reopened after spending the last few weeks closed to the public.

County officials decided to open some offices back up to the public on Tuesday.

Some of the county’s local government offices opened back up to the public Tuesday, while others are still closed.

The offices that opened will practice social distancing and staff will wear personal protective equipment.

The tax and tag office, located at 50 Walker St., Columbus will allow residents to enter the building, but there will be a maximum of 10 people at a time. The county will practice social distancing and asks that no one enter the building with a fever or other symptoms.

The drop box will still be available outside.

Polk County has been holding weekly meetings with health and county officials weekly and discussed last week slowly opening offices back up to the public. Some places will have partitions, with staff wearing PPEs.

The state shut down court proceedings for district and superior court until June 1.