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New Business in Landrum, Burn31 Fitness  


LANDRUM—Fire Chief Warren Ashmore and his wife Ashmore have recently opened two new businesses at 107 East Prince Road in Landrum. The building they moved into is the former RadioShack behind the Land Mart Convenience Store. Buffy and Warren have been married for four years and have five children. Warren has lived in the Landrum area for his entire life and has been a big part of the community through his job as Fire Chief in addition to being involved with various activities in the public school system with his children. Buffy Ashmore is the mastermind behind Burn31 Fitness and the unique workout classes that they offer. Mrs. Ashmore has over 23 years of fitness training experience. “I am a certified health education specialist, certified personal trainer and fitness instructor, as well as a certified health and wellness coach,” Mrs. Ashmore said.  “We chose Landrum because it is where we live and Warren has always lived here.” 

One of the big selling points of Burn31 Fitness are the group fitness classes that Mrs. Ashmore leads. “We offer group fitness classes that include dance fitness, HIIT training, step aerobics, Pilates, strength training and circuit training,” Mrs. Ashmore said. “We also offer individual persona training sessions and will soon offer group personal training. In addition to the classes we offer health and nutrition coaching.” 

Burn31 Fitness has hit the ground running in Landrum and fitness classes are already underway. “We currently have a group of 20 clients participating in our B.U.R.N. Lifestyle program that focuses on nutrition, cardio and strength training, rest recovery and balance.”  

Burn31 Fitness is a full service 24-hour gym for members. Burn31 has cardio machines, weight machines and free weights for those that are not interested in the group fitness classes. Burn31 does not require contracts and there are no start-up fees. 

“In the future we plan to offer kickboxing classes in addition to sports and agility training for both adults and kids,” Mrs. Ashmore said. Burn31 also has a selection of nutritional and health products available.  

By Samuel Robinson